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  •   State: 
    30°12′ N to 35° N | 88°6′ W to 91°39′ W
      Area total: 
    48,430 sq mi (125,443 km²) [31,001,946.880 acres]
      Area land: 
    46,952 sq mi (121,607 km²) [30,031,585.280 acres]
      Area water: 
    3% = 1,521 sq mi (3,940 km²) [970,361.600 acres]
    807 ft (246.0 m) Woodall Mountain
    December 10, 1817 (20nd State in the Union)
      Capital seat: 


  • Mississippi, United States

  •   Population: 
      Population density: 
    63.5/sq mi (24.5/km²) - residents per square mile of area.
      Household income: 
      Unemployment rate: 
  •   Sales taxes: 
      Income taxes: 
    $138,74 (2022) nominal GDP at current prices 2022 (millions of U.S. dollars). This is equivalent to 0.55% of the U.S. national real gross domestic product (GDP) in 2022, or 0.55% from 2021.  9.9% change in GDP from 2022 to 2021 =  11,432. Real GDP growth rate (2021–2022) =  4.4%. Nominal GDP per capita 2022 = $47,190 respectively per capita 2023 = $48,744.
      Housing units: 
    1,342,831 units, July 1, 2022 estimate = a 1.7% increase compared to 2020, specifically 22,889 more housing units.

Mississippi is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Mississippi is the 32nd most extensive and 34th most populous of the 50 United States. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Alabama to the east, the Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana to the south, and Arkansas and Louisiana to the west. The state's western boundary is largely defined by the Mississippi River. Jackson, with a population of approximately 167,000 people, is both the state's capital and largest city. The state is heavily forested outside the Mississippi Delta area, which is the area between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers. Before the American Civil War, most development in the state was along riverfronts, as the waterways were critical for transportation. Large gangs of slaves were used to work on cotton plantations. After the war, freedmen began to clear the bottomlands to the interior, in the process selling off timber and buying property. By the end of the 19th century, African Americans made up two-thirds of the Delta's property owners, but timber and railroad companies acquired much of the land after the financial crisis, which occurred when blacks were facing increasing racial discrimination and disfranchisement in the state. In 2010, 37% of Mississippians were African Americans, the highest percentage of African Americans in any U.S. state. Mississippi is bordered to the north by Tennessee, to the east by Alabama, to the south by Louisiana and a narrow coast on the Gulf of Mexico; and to the west, across the Mississippi River, by Louisiana and Arkansas. In addition to its namesake, major rivers in Mississippi include the Big Black River, the Pearl River, the Yazoo River, the Pascagoula River, and the Tombigbee River. Major lakes include Ross Barnett Reservoir, Arkabutla Lake, Sardis Lake, and Grenada Lake with the largest lake being Sardis Lake.

The given Mississippi location map shows that Mississippi is located in the southern part of the USA. Map of Mississippi also shows that it shares its administrative border with Alabama in the east, Tennessee in the north, Arkansas in the north-west, and Louisiana in the south-west. Besides, it has also small coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. The name Mississippi of the state is derived from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western boundary.

Jackson is the capital and largest city of Mississippi. The state is lush with forest outside of the Mississippi Delta area. The catfish aquaculture farms of Mississippi produce the majority of farm-raised catfish consumed in the United States. The climate type of Mississippi is a humid subtropical. The important cities of Mississippi are: Jackson, Gulfport, Hattiesburg Biloxi, and Southaven etc.

Mississippi is naturally well suited to agriculture; its soil is rich and deep, and its landscape is laced with many rivers. Until the mid-20th century the dominance of a rural, unhurried lifestyle generally worked to the state’s advantage. This way of life was manifest in part in a culture of gentility, the legacy of which is still evident in the many historic mansions located in such old towns as Columbus, Biloxi, Natchez, Vicksburg, and Holly Springs.

Memphis has Graceland, but Tupelo, Mississippi, has the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum. Visit to learn about the late icon's early childhood, when he was first influenced to become a musician.

The US State Mississippi occupies 121,532 m², about 1,33 % of the total territory of the USA of 9,148,020 m². The total population of the US State Mississippi with 2,984,100 inhabitants (in 2017) has already increased by 4,9 % in this millennium. Almost 40 years ago there were 463,462 fewer people. The capital Jackson alone has 163,838 inhabitants.

Jackson was named after President Andrew Jackson and was chosen as the capital in 1821. Jackson has a population of approximately 169,000 residents. The first Republican party convention was held in Jackson on July 6, 1854.

Mississippi is entirely composed of lowlands, the highest point being Woodall Mountain, in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, 807 feet (246 m) above sea level. The lowest point is sea level at the Gulf Coast. The state's mean elevation is 300 feet (91 m) above sea level. Most of Mississippi is part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain. The coastal plain is generally composed of low hills, such as the Pine Hills in the south and the North Central Hills. The Pontotoc Ridge and the Fall Line Hills in the northeast have somewhat higher elevations. Yellow-brown loess soil is found in the western parts of the state. The northeast is a region of fertile black earth that extends into the Alabama Black Belt. The coastline includes large bays at Bay St. Louis, Biloxi, and Pascagoula. It is separated from the Gulf of Mexico proper by the shallow Mississippi Sound, which is partially sheltered by Petit Bois Island, Horn Island, East and West Ship Islands, Deer Island, Round Island, and Cat Island. The northwest remainder of the state consists of the Mississippi Delta, a section of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The plain is narrow in the south and widens north of Vicksburg. The region has rich soil, partly made up of silt which had been regularly deposited by the flood waters of the Mississippi River.

Mississippi is known under different nicknames; aka Hospitality State (previously used on license plates), or Magnolia State, or The Birthplace of America's Music (being used on license plates), or The Bayou State and detailed official information about Mississippi can be found on the homepage at www.i

Poverty and median household income estimates for 2021 in Mississippi, MS about 549,710 individuals poverty estimate - all ages, it's 19.2% estimated percent of the total resident population of all ages in poverty: U.S. Census Bureau, Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) Program Release date: December 2022. SNAP is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, and was formerly known as the Food Stamp Program. Estimated SNAP benefits recipients in Mississippi are about 412,880 individuals, for July of the reference year 2020. With a estimate of median household income = $48,871 by each individual family, with a 90% confidence interval lower bound of estimate of median household income = $47,663, with a 90% confidence interval upper bound of estimate of median household income = $50,079 in 2021.

The Air Quality index is in Mississippi = 77.8. These Air Quality index is based on annual reports from the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The number of ozone alert days is used as an indicator of air quality, as are the amounts of seven pollutants including particulates, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, lead, and volatile organic chemicals. The Water Quality Index is 43. A measure of the quality of an area’s water supply as rated by the EPA. Higher values are better (100=best). The EPA has a complex method of measuring the watershed quality, using 15 indicators such as pollutants, turbidity, sediments, and toxic discharges. The Superfund Sites Index is 91. Higher is better (100=best). Based upon the number and impact of EPA Superfund pollution sites in the county, including spending on the cleanup efforts. The UV Index in Mississippi = 5.4 and is a measure of an area's exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is most often a combination of sunny weather, altitude, and latitude. The UV Index has been defined by the WHO ( and is uniform worldwide.

The annual rainfall in Mississippi = 56.3 inches and the annual snowfall = 1.2 inches. The annual number of days with measurable precipitation (over .01 inch) = 99. The average number of days per year that are predominantly sunny = 216. 91.8 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily high temperature for the month of July and 34.1 degrees Fahrenheit is the average daily low temperature for the month of January. The Comfort Index (higher=better) is 27, where higher values mean a more pleasant climate. The Comfort Index measure recognizes that humidity by itself isn't the problem. (Have you noticed nobody ever complains about the weather being 'cold and humid?) It's in the summertime that we notice the humidity the most, when it's hot and muggy. Our Comfort Index uses a combination of afternoon summer temperature and humidity to closely predict the effect that the humidity will have on people.

The most recent state population of 2,963,914 individuals with a median age of 35.3 age the population grows by 3.21% in Mississippi population since 2000 and are distributed over a density of 63.5/sq mi (24.5/km²) - residents per square mile of area.. There are average 2.49 people per household in the 1,105,187 households with an average household income of $43,567 a year. The unemployment rate in Alabama is 9.50% of the available work force and has dropped -5.02% over the most recent 12-month period and the projected change in job supply over the next decade based on migration patterns, economic growth, and other factors will increase by 20.46%. The number of physicians in Mississippi per 100,000 population = 155.9.

The percentage of housing units in Mississippi which are owned by the occupant = 64.57%. A housing unit is a house, apartment, mobile home, or room occupied as separate living quarters. The average age of homes = 29 years with median home cost = $87,810 and home appreciation of -0.22%. This is the value of the years most recent home sales data. Its important to note that this is not the average (or arithmetic mean). The median home price is the middle value when you arrange all the sales prices of homes from lowest to highest. This is a better indicator than the average, because the median is not changed as much by a few unusually high or low values. The property tax rate of $5.95 shown here is the rate per $1,000 of home value. If for simplification for example the tax rate is $14.00 and the home value is $250,000, the property tax would be $14.00 x ($250,000/1000), or $3500. This is the 'effective' tax rate.

The local school district spends $4,337 per student. There are 16.2 students for each teacher in the school, 397 students for each Librarian and 519 students for each Counselor. 5.79% of the area’s population over the age of 25 with an Associate Degree or other 2-year college degree, 11.26% with a master’s degree, Ph.D. or other advanced college degree and 5.95% with high school diplomas or high school equivalency degrees (GEDs).

  • Mississippi's population of 827,922 residents in 1870 has increased 1,91-fold to 2,961,279 residents after 150 years, according to the official 2020 census. U.S. Bureau of the Census beginning in 1900. Data for 1870-1890 are on a de facto or unspecified basis; data for 1900 and later years are resident totals.

    Approximately 51.49% female residents and 48.51% male residents live in Mississippi, USA.

    As of 2020, 55.44% in Mississippi are married and the remaining 44.56% are single population.

  • 26.1 minutes is the average time that residents in Mississippi require for a one-way commute to work. A long commute can have different effects on health. A Gallup poll in the US found that in terms of mental health, long haul commuters are up to 12 percent more likely to experience worry, and ten percent less likely to feel well rested. The Gallup poll also found that of people who commute 61­–90 minutes each day, a whopping one third complained of neck and back pain, compared to less than a quarter of people who only spend ten minutes getting to work.

    80.56% of the working population which commute to work alone in their car, 14.84% of the working population which commutes to work in a carpool, 0.54% of the population that commutes using mass transit, including bus, light rail, subway, and ferry. 1.99% of the population that has their home as their principal place of work.

  • Of the total residential buildings in Mississippi, 64.57% are owner-occupied homes, another 12.06% are rented apartments, and the remaining 23.37% are vacant.

  • 54.28% of the population in Mississippi who identify themselves as belonging to a religion are distributed among the following most diverse religions.

    Since the 1860s, the two main parties have been the Republican Party (here in 2022 = 56.180%) and the Democratic Party (here in 2022 = 43.000%) of those eligible to vote in Mississippi.

Skyline of Mississippi

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